Applications for the Second Training in the AIT model January 11th, 2016

The Adolescent Psychotherapy Unit of the Instituto Médico Schilkrut, in coordination with the Millennium Institute for Research on Depression and Personality (MIDAP), is pleased to extend an invitation to participate in the second training program for therapists in the AIT model (Adolescent Identity Treatment). Registration is open from January 11th to March 11th, [...]

First Promotion of therapists trained in the AIT Model

The training of the first group of Chilean psychotherapists in the AIT model culminated the past December 2015. This training program began in March 2014 and lasted a total of 242 hours. During their first year of training, all the participants had 88 hours corresponding to didactic lectures and supervisions of "learning cases". [...]

Invitation to participate in the AIT study November 21th, 2015

Lack of commitment at school, unstable relationships, feelings of emptiness or neglect, emotional regulation difficulties, problems with the authority, to cut the own body and risk behaviors, are some of the symptoms that troubled adolescents to resolve the crisis identity. This complex situation can bring consequences for adult life if it is not properly [...]

Collaboration Network

In order to intensively train to graduate students to evaluate the effectiveness of the model AIT (Identity Adolescent Treatment), experts in therapeutic process analysis traveled to Basel, Switzerland.