The AIT project helps patients, families, teachers, clinicians and researchers to understand and facilitate the development of the identity of teenagers through treatment, training, research, education and outreach, providing interventions and supports to prevent the development of disorders personality and its debilitating effects on interpersonal areas, academic and social functioning.

Adolescent Identity

This project would not exist without the dedication and enthusiasm of all those contributors who share a vision screening and early intervention for at-risk adolescents. Many people offered each year as collaborators for clinical and/or research projects. These contributors come from different places and approaches, showing a great interest tolearn this unique treatment model.

In addition, there is a wide variety of outreach programs considering both, clinical and research aspects. You may also be offered as a contibutor to help in tasks related to the implementation of the AIT study and/or to design psychoeducational materials that are distributed in schools, health professionals, parents and adolescents.

Types of contributions (some of them require an advanced training, while others are open to anyone who has de motivation for working in this area):

. Data processing (text )
. Typing or data entry
. Data encryption
. Analysis of data

. Present and organize the material
. Translation ( English, German and Spanish )
. Website update
. Curriculum development
. Many other opportunities.


If you want to collaborate or need more information, please send an email to We will contact you as soon as possible.
Thanks for your interest.