Mechanisms of Change involved in the effectiveness of AIT approach (Adolescent Identity Therapy) in a group of adolescents with identity diffusion, with and without a diagnosis of depression: a multinational study

This study is inserted in the Millennium Research Institute Depression and Personality (MIDAP), which is a research project of the Catholic University of Chile, with funds from the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The head researcher is Dr. Mariane Krause, who in turn participate in this research as a methodological adviser. The person responsible for this study is Dr. Nelson Valdés, MIDAP Adjunct Researcher and Director of the Research Unit at the Instituto Médico Schilkrut.

It is a multicultural study is currently being implemented in the city of Basel (Switzerland) and Santiago (Chile), in order to demonstrate the effectiveness

AIT model, but also to determine the mechanisms along the therapeutic process that facilitate or impede the change of patients. It has established a single protocol to be followed at both sites, which include the criteria for selecting participants and the battery of assessment tools.

This study is aimed at adolescents who have problems to properly resolve the crisis of identity of this age, which results in difficulty regulating your moods, behaviors and impulses, but above all, difficulties in the context of interpersonal relationships. Proper integration of identity must be allowed to develop friendships that strengthen adolescent and satisfied, have clear life goals, interact appropriately with teachers and parents, establishing intimate relationships and have a positive self-esteem.

Who can participate?

All and all adolescents who are between 12 and 18; who are studying between 7th and 4th basic medium when the study was conducted; that present difficulties with the development of their identity, and are motivated to receive this treatment research context.

It is emphasized that the main benefit is the possibility of receiving preferential treatment value by expert therapists trained in the AIT model (Identity Adolescent Treatment) which in turn are part of a multidisciplinary team consisting of clinicians and researchers, who will have the responsibility to evaluate along all the therapy, the patient’s response to treatment.

For more information contact Nelson Valdés Sánchez, PhD., Telephone (+56 2) 25801577, or email You can also download the following Brochure.

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