Lack of commitment at school, unstable relationships, feelings of emptiness or neglect, emotional regulation difficulties, problems with the authority, to cut the own body and risk behaviors, are some of the symptoms that troubled adolescents to resolve the crisis identity. This complex situation can bring consequences for adult life if it is not properly resolved.

This is precisely the focus of AIT model (Adolescent Identity Treatment). This therapeutic approach was developed in a collaborative effort between specialists in personality from New York, Germany, Switzerland and Chile. It was developed to help adolescents and young people to integrate their identity and personality. Actually, the AIT is applied in the Adolescence Unit of the Instituto Médico Schilkrut, with the continued supervision of Dr. Pamela Foelsch.

Today AIT begins a new stage that will directly benefit to Chilean adolescents (12 – 18 years old) who have problems and be eligible for this innovative treatment at a preferential value, as part of an research project developed by the Instituto Médico Schilkrut in collaboration with the Millennium Institute for Research on Depression and Personality). The study will be conducted by therapists trained in the AIT model, but also by experts of clinicians and researchers who will be responsible for evaluating the patient’s outcome to treatment throughout therapy.

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